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As a deeply emotional person,

I have always shared the pain of those suffering around me. For this reason, I have tried to concentrate my efforts on making the world a better place, especially the world that falls directly within my sphere of influence.

It started with launching my business VISIONALITY. I didn't want to just start a business, I wanted to start a business to help others. So VISIONALITY became just that, helping micro, mini and mid-size nonprofit organizations with fundraising, events, board management, administration, you name it-we do it. We help these organizations run better, so they are able to do more good in the world.

Simply asking the question, 'What can I do?' has sculpted my response into numerous ventures and volunteer efforts. This is how ThomasFireHelp got started. In the aftermath of the devastating Thomas Fire, I asked the question, 'What can I do?' This led to the creation of an online platform that connects help with need on a grassroots level--one person to one person at a time.


ThomasFireHelp began as a completely volunteer effort, harnessing talented friends (software whizzes, PR experts, Social Media ninjas) who also had the need to help. We created this place which has made a major impact on the community, by helping those in need who fall outside the established safety net systems.

I try and measure my success as a philanthropist in ones. If I can help one person with one thing with one solution to one problem, I am a success.

That is how the Montecito Airlift happened. Days after the devastating Thomas Fire, the Montecito Mudslide happened. Suddenly the 101 freeway was closed barring transportation between Northern and Southern California. Again, 'What can I do?' became the Montecito Airlift, and it started with one pilot, one patient and one

flight. At the end of it, we had over 60 volunteer pilots involved, and had made over 100 trips, flying doctors, patients and recovery personnel across the mud for the two weeks this major transportation artery was closed.

The smoke and dust have settled, but my community is still in need. What can I do?

If I can help one person...

Adopt-A-Neighbor is in the works. Churches and Rotary Clubs

are 'assigned' individuals still suffering in their recovery efforts. These individuals are then 'assigned' a person from the church or club to connect with...this is a real person, a neighbor, someone who will help them find the resources they need, someone who will check in with them, someone who will assure them they are not alone in their struggles.

Connectd is also the works. Taking what we learned about disaster recovery, the impulse to help, and neighbors helping neighbors and making our platform available to communities anywhere disaster might strike in the future.

Those are my big ideas and gestures, but I also volunteer on several boards (Women's Economic Ventures, the Center for Non-Profit Leadership at CLU). I also give to many charitable organizations as often as possible, not only financially, but I try and offer my time and expertise whenever needed. And I always, always, always do my best to make the world a better place.

ThomasFireHelp.Org February 11, 2018-015

"We rise by lifting others"

-Robert Ingersoll

Board Member, California Lutheran Center for Nonprofit Leadership
Member, Teacher and Volunteer, Women's Economic Ventures
Member, Association of Fundraising Professionals


"I don't know" is the beginning of everything. I solve problems and empower people. 


I work on ideas that are bigger than the people involved and causes that will change the world.


Exercise keeps my brain focused, Scootey brightens my days and food makes me happy!


A little sugar goes a long way.

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